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1 Testaeafcf on Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:03 am

[center][font=Verdana][b][size=24][font=Verdana]Character Name: (Insert here)[/font][/size][/b][/font][/center]

[center][font=Verdana][b][size=18][font=Verdana]Nickname: (Insert here)[/font][/size][/b][/font][/center]

[center][size=12][font=Verdana]insertimage (Link a picture of your character's Face Claim here. No real people; only cartoon and anime characters.)[/font][/size][/center]


[b]General Personality:[/b] Insert an elaborate description of your character's personality here; list how he/she thinks, how he/she acts, and why, etc. etc. It should be at least 2 solid paragraphs, or about 200-300 words. Don't be afraid to elaborate and write more- in fact, we encourage it!





[*]Here, list the things your character likes, dislikes, and fears, providing a specific description as to why he thinks this way. The description needs to be at least 3 sentences.
[*]These things should be written in list format, like so. This should be in the coding already; just continuously add on
[*]to expand and add more. There should be at least 5 likes, 5 dislikes and 4 believable and realistic fears. Your character must have at least 3 motivations, or less if they are extremely detailed.
[*]... This is a long list.
[*]Erm, let's move on.


This is obviously where you detail your character's physical appearance.

[b]Height:[/b] How tall is your character?
[b]Weight:[/b] How much does your character weigh?
[b]Body Shape:[/b] Is he toned, slim, buff, fat, husky, or anything in between? Write a good paragraph (about 100-150 words, but feel free to elaborate) describing your character's body, if he is in shape or obese, etc. etc.

[b]Hair:[/b] Here you will detail your character's hair. In this paragraph write about what color it is, what style your character has it in (Or styles- get creative!), why your character's hair is the way it is (Maybe there's a bigger reason besides " because it looks cool," I dunno.) etc. etc. You might be shocked that we're asking for a paragraph of 100+ words about hair, so let me cut you a break- it only has to be at least 60. You're welcome, just make it DETAILED. (If your character has no hair, leave blank or write "bald".)

[b]Defining Characteristics:[/b] What special skills does your character have? Nothing superhuman like extreme strength or extreme speed; more like cool abilities that you would use to impress your friends in school, or hand to hand combat skills, [b]please don't go overboard[/b].

[b]Apparel:[/b] What is your character typically wearing? Does he don robes and a wizard hat? Does he wear a chill hoodie and denim jeans, with converse (tm) sneakers? Explain all of this here in at least 100 words.


This is where all that cool baseball-card esque stuff goes. Stuff like Rank, Stats, Guild, Guildmark Location, etc. etc.

[b]Rank:[/b] This is where your character's rank will go. Typically all characters may start at C or D- provided there are no higher rank positions open.

[b]Guild:[/b] Which guild do you owe allegiance to? (You may ONLY pick from Fairy Tail, Magic Council, Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus, Obscurus Vipera, Eisenwald. Or you can do guildless and pick one as your character develops. Mandate of Heaven, Fist of Judgement, etc. are event guilds and are therefore NOT JOINABLE.)

[b]Stats:[/b] The Stats are what determine a character's physical and mental attributes. The higher the stat, the more skilled or the higher the attribute typically is.

[b]Strength:[/b] A measure of how strong your character is.  
[b]Speed:[/b] A measure of how agile your character is. This stat determines how high his movement speed and accuracy are.
[b]Endurance:[/b] A measure of how resilient your character is.
[b]Awareness:[/b] A measure of your character's mental processing speed and awareness capacity.
[b]Intelligence:[/b] A measure of your magic's potency and force it can output. This is a measure for your magic's power and  how many spell slots you have.
Depending on your starting rank, you get a different amount of stat points to give to each stat, see stat system for more information. You gain stat points as you rank up, and as you complete missions.

Starting points: 400 points

[b]Magic Name:[/b] Should be obvious
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Caster, Holder or Companion. If you don't know what those two are, go check in the Magic Guidelines (link)
[b]Item Link:[/b] FOR HOLDER ONLY. In case you have a holder magic, give a link to your item here so we can double check on it.
[b]Companion Link:[/b] FOR COMPANION type, in case you have a companion magic, give a link to your chosen companion so we can double check it,
[b]Magic Description:[/b] Describe your magic in detail. How it works, any important historical information you want to add, what it's capabilities are etc.
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] (Optional) Here you can expand on a little paragraph about your personal fighting style. Do you use a martial arts in combination with your magic? A weapon together with caster magic?
[b]Strengths:[/b] WHEN and HOW is your magic strong? What are it's specific uses?
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] WHEN and HOW is your magic weak? What are specific weaknesses that apply to your magic?


[b]History:[/b] Here, write a minimum of a 500 word paragraph pertaining to your character's history. You MAY NOT use canon characters (Characters from the series, like Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc. etc) in your history as the current date is X901. Make sure your history is nice and detailed; this gives the reviewer more information about what kind of person your character is due to his past, and how the character's personality has been shaped by it.

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